The Mini Bullet Smoker

If you’re into BBQ at all then you’ve probably seen videos and blogs about these AWESOME little cookers called The Mini Bullet Smoker.  Well I had to have one! I even did a build video!
It’s an easy build requiring a few tools that you probably already have and a little creativity!!

These are 2 Awesome BBQ food blogs.
Both have done posts on this subject.
BBQ Bros
Here are a few of these little cookers!!
BBQ Bros Mini Bullet

MMM Go Blue BBQ Mini Bullet Smokers






I call mine The Silver Bullet!! Most people call them Mini WSM’s But, what is a WSM you may ask?

It’s a Weber Smoky Mountain.Weber Smoky Mountain cutaway
You can see how they work in the cut out view. It’s pretty simple, charcoal basket on the bottom, then a water pan, then 2 cooking racks.They come in 2 sizes 18-1/2″ and 22-1/2″ and are extremely efficient.

Weber Smoky Mountain








I have 2 smokers. My first is a Brinkmann Smoke n Pit from WalMart and Yes, Those are flames!!!

My Brinkman

I use it as a grill because it doesn’t work well as a smoker. Hard to hold temps, rotating your food…Great grill though!

My main smoker is a Competitor from Backwoods-Smokers

Backwoods Competitor1

My Competitor at Decatur Fest

Backwoods Competitor2

A few years ago after some repairs Still performs like a BOSS!!

Backwoods Smokers are water smokers. While they’re quite expensive for a weekend BBQ enthusiast, I believe they are, dollar for dollar, the BEST smokers you can buy.
The fire pit is in the bottom door and is totally separated from the cooking chamber.
The smoke and heat travel up the insulated sides and into the cooking chamber from the top. Then down, through the food and out the exhaust port in the bottom back. Pretty ingenious!!
It’s great for BIG cooks but I needed something small and economical when it’s just my family eating.

Lets build The Mini Bullet smoker!

Here’s the list of things you’ll need to build you Mini Bullet Smoker
1. Weber Smoky Joe. I have the silver and I think it will work fine.
Most people recommend the Gold. The difference is the vents.
The Silver vents are on the bottom and can get clogged. I’ll show you a fix for this. The Gold vents are up on the sides of the lower bowl. No chance of getting clogged with ash but some say the location puts them above the level of the fire and doesn’t allow the right airflow. Remember, it’s made to be a grill not a smoker.
Grab an extra cooking grate too!!

2. Either a Vasconia 32qt Steamer with lid or an IMUSA 32qt Tamale Steamer w/lid
By most accounts, the Vasconia is the perfect fit consistently so I went with that.


I recently bought another Vasconia pot and the dimensions changed and it doesn’t fit! Not even close. Shop around and ask questions. I kept that pot to use as a steamer and bought another pot from Ebay.

3. Hardware. Don’t skimp! Get the stainless steelThe Mini Bullet Kit
1/4″x 3/4″ long stainless steel bolts (3)
1/4″, stainless steel lock washers (6)
1/4″, stainless steel nuts (5)
1/4″, stainless steel lock nut (5)
1/4″x 3″ long bolts (1) doesn’t have to be stainless, it will be the handle on the lid.
1/4″x 5″-6″ carriage bolt. It doesn’t have to be stainless, it will be a handle on the base.


In the picture below, the tape has a mark 4-1/2″ from the top. That will be the level of the cooking rack.

Mini Bullet Tape mark


The circumference of the pot is 46″ so drill a 1/4″ hole every 15-1/3″ around the pot.
We only want 3 bolts for the rack to sit on because the rack will never wobble.

Once the holes are drilled, install the bolts. The pics below are correct. The rack will rest on the head-end of the bolt inside the pot.

Mini Bullet Rack bolt      Mini Bullet Rack Bolt3Mini Bullet Rack bolt2

Mini Bullet bottomNext, I drilled some holes in the bottom of the pot to let the heat and smoke in.
Some prefer to cut the bottom out of the pot leaving 1-2″ for stability.
I prefer the holes because it allows the heat and smoke in while keeping the bottom of the pot connected.
Either way is fine.
I drilled larger holes around the outside to draw the heat to the outside rather than up the middle.

Mini Bullet Steamer insertThis is the steamer insert that came with the pot.
I used it as a guide to mark the locations of the holes in the bottom.
I thought about cutting the bottom out of the pot and setting this inside on the ridge where the lower rack sits and using this as the diffuser. Might try it on the next one.



Next I added some handles to the vents on both the lid and the kettle on the Smoky Joe.  Mini Bullet Bottom vent handle

No big deal, just some carriage bolts. You will have to take some pliers and bend the little tab up on the bottom but be careful not to “pull up” on the tab or you’ll bend the vent plate causing it to not seal.




So go grab the parts and build The Mini Bullet Smoker!!!
You’ll be glad you did!!!


My Mini Bullet Smoker




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