Find Great Eats

I want to tell you all about another site that we just created. It’s called Find Great Eats!

Everyone asks the question “So, where do you want to eat?” and the answer is ALWAYS “Idunno, where do YOU wanna eat?” UGH!!

And it’s ALWAYS the same list of places and NONE of them sound good, right?

So my sister and her boyfriend keep telling me about these AWESOME little places they keep finding. Well of course I can’t remember them an hour after our conversation. So I look online…Umm yup, pointless. I mean what do you search for when you don’t know what you’re searching for? That’s why I created Find Great Eats! You won’t find the big chain restaurants here. There is a great dining experience to be had outside of the O’Charlies and Applebee’s type places and I’ll help you find it!

That’s why I created Find Great Eats-The place to go to find a place to go!! I’ll go check them out and take pictures and eat the food and experience the place and then I’ll blog it for you! I’ll include menus and maps for you and I’ll find out what they’re known for so you can get the most from your visit! Hit me up on the “Contact Us” page if you know a place we need to try!!

Be sure and subscribe to Find Great Eats to stay up on the newest places!!!



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