Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls

August 2nd I turned 53!! Tammy and I wanted to have a few friends over to Grandma Betty’s (Tammy’s mom) to swim and cook out. Naturally I got to cook!! So what do I want that won’t tie me up at the grill all day? Oh yea, Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls!!

Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls!!!!

So I’ve seen these little Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls popping up here and there and , of course, I needed to try’em!! Duh!!

These are really simple and you can make them any way you want!

Heres what you’ll need.

  • 80/20 ground chuck
  • Your favorite bacon
  • A Tabasco Bottle!
  • Salt, Pepper, Garlic, Cajun seasoning, 2 Vets BBQ’s Rib Rub…you know, just whatever you like to season with. Experiment around with stuff like soy sauce or worcestershire sauce. I’m thinking the liquid would cause the beef to fall apart. I chose to use dry rub.
  • Whatever you want to stuff them with! More on that in a bit.


Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls Meatball

Make this,

Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls meatball bottle

Then do this,

Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls Bacon wrap

Wrap it with one of these and…

Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls Bacon wrap Empty Bowl

You get this!








Here’s what to do!

Start with the beef. Roll a handful of meat into a meatball about the size of your fist. Then take the Tabasco bottle and shove it into the meatball and form the meat up against the sides. Then, wrap a piece of bacon around the burger. Carefully remove the bottle! There you go!!

Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls Ready to grill

Topped with Pepper Jack Let’s Grill’em!!

Potato stuffing Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls

Diced Potato, Onion and Peppers


I fried some Taters and onions and stuffed it in the burgers then topped it with a chunk of pepper-jack cheese!

I cooked them indirectly over charcoal with some hickory chips for smoke about 30-40 minutes.




Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls Almost done





This is how they looked!!


Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls Melted Cheese

Inside Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls

Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls

Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls









Here’s the Video!!


Now, You can alter this recipe any way you like. How about using sausage instead of burger and suffin’ it with shredded potatoes and maybe top it with an egg!! Talk about an AWESOME breakfast!!!

Bacon Wrapped Burger Bowls were a hit!! You’ve GOTTA TRY THESE!!!!!



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