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Danny and Tammy Parkhill

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Carl And Lois Johnson









Carl Johnson and Danny Parkhill met in 1987 at Sheppard AFB TX and started a life-long friendship that has taken us halfway around the world to defend this great country.
We are now committed to producing an exciting line of boutique sauce products called “2 Vets BBQ”.

We are also committed to helping and honoring our service men and women as well as veterans.
We will be contributing a portion of our profits to various veteran organizations because we feel that we owe them SO much for their service and sacrifice.

Danny was the owner of Rugged Cross BBQ and developed a line of AMAZING sauces and rubs that we  know you will LOVE!!!
Our flagship product is 2 Vets BBQ’s Apple Chipotle Glaze. It’s the most unique BBQ product ever. It’s not just a BBQ sauce or a dipping sauce or a stir-fry sauce…Carl calls it “The Swiss Army Knife of Sauces”!!!

So we thank you for your business and encourage you to subscribe to our Youtube channel for news and updates as well as new installments of our line of how-to videos!!